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Most of my books aren’t on the shelf, but stacked all over my room and beside my bed. I have always liked to read, but now that I am in school to be a librarian, I am reading more widely and trying new genres, finally trying books that I “should” have read by now, and reading more new books as they come out.

This blog is about books for teens. I include book talks, mini-reviews, and more from all genres. I will give you a taste of what each book is about but I never spoil the ending or major plot twists. All my book talks link to videos. You can watch the entire playlist here — right now, that means you’ll hear about 18 awesome books in 16 minutes.

I focus especially on my favorite genre, historical fiction. You can find those posts under the category “I ♥ Historical Fiction”  or use the link here.

Teen Book Stack is a blog created for my INFO684 class at Drexel University. For a full list of the books used in this project and their citations, see the credits page. Images and other sources are credited or linked on the post where they are used.

Welcome, and thanks for reading!

Jessica David

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